Increased International Recognition

At HEMS International we specialise in providing expert guidance and practical support to enable universities and colleges around the world to achieve International Accreditation Status and to increase their World University Ranking position.

We bring the best of corporate management practice from the commercial sector to the educational sector, providing streamlined processes and fast, accurate feedback systems that give Senior Management Teams enhanced vision on performance across their institution.

We offer bespoke services to meet your university’s specific needs. This includes developing effective strategies to improve your WUR to ensure you receive the full global recognition your university deserves.

"Our aim is to simplify and clarify processes so that universities and colleges can focus on their Higher Education mission.

International Accreditation should increase the status of a university, not the workload on its staff.

We begin by identifying areas in which staff are weighted down with administrative burdens and then we introduce fast, effective measures to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum disruption.".

Ashley Musgrave, Chief Executive

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ASIC approved Consultants

ASIC is fast becoming one of the world’s most recognised International Accreditation bodies.The Arab Association of Universities is the latest highly respected international organisation to have signed an agreement with ASIC, the Accreditation Service for International Colleges, introducing ASIC accreditation as the international standard across all Arab Universities.

HEMS International are proud to be fully approved ASIC educational consultants. This means we are able to work with universities throughout the process of preparing for ASIC International Accreditation, to ensure you receive the many benefits ASIC accreditation brings.

Internationalising your university further is often important, and achieving International Accreditation is one very effective approach to this.

We are able to provide all of the supporting paperwork to meet the highest international standards of Quality Assurance. We are also able to train staff to work in the most efficient manner and avoid all forms of unnecessary administration work.

ASIC Chairman Dr. Maurice Dimmock signing agreement with Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi Secretary General of Association of Arab Universities September 2017

We specialise in providing the following services:

- Assessment of your current position regarding International Accreditation

- The creation of an efficient Action Plan to achieve a successful Inspection Visit

- Support to ensure you have all of the necessary paperwork and that it is fully prepared

- Staff training and development in a wide range of operational areas, as required

- WUR Report Analysis and Ranking Boost Strategy Development

Our goal is to provide our clients with the following benefits:

- Increased WUR position

- Enhanced national standing

- Enhanced international profile

- Increased operational efficiency

To achieve this, we guide institutions through the International Accreditation Process (IAP) with ASIC and produce efficient Ranking Boost Strategy Development plans.

It is fully possible that International Accreditation can be achieved in under 6 Months.

HEMS International is able to provide full guidance in preparing your university for a successful inspection outcome.

This will cover:

- A pre-inspection review to identify institutional strengths, areas of best practice and any areas of potential weakness

- Comprehensive documentation tailored to your institution covering all 8 areas of the inspection

Simply contact us now to take your university to a new level of operational efficiency and international recognition!